Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm back...for now!

Well, its been over 2 years since I have posted anything here...so, I thought I'd write a little something today. I am actually surprised my site is still out there!

I gave up on blogging after I got engaged as I quickly lost interest in writing and gained interest in searching the internet for wedding stuff. Now that I am back, I have many things to chitter-chat about....a husband, a baby girl, a dog and a crazy life I cannot seem to balance. Let's talk about balance...how do you girls do it with multiple kids? I am struggling with one child - trying to find time to work out, keep up on laundry, keep the house clean, spend as much time with Miya as I can, work, be a good wife, study for my CPA, etc. I need like 30 hours in a day to make this work. Any words of wisdom from you MOM's out there?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A day to remember...June 18

June 18 was a very memorable day for me. I turned 30. And, not only did I turn 30, but Ryan asked me to marry him! Yes, it was the most amazing moment. It was 7:15am, I was getting ready for work and Ryan went out to the garage to give Sheely her medicine so I could take her to the vet for "another" checkup. As I was getting ready, I heard Ryan yelling for me, in a panic, to come out to the garage. So, I run out there not understanding what is wrong. Ryan never gets worked up like this. So, he proceeds to tell me that Sheely ripped out her stitches. I had a hard time believing this because she is still wearing the cone on her head. He starts laughing at me and says he's kidding. By this time, he is already on one knee and I didn't realize it. He then says, "I have something to ask you." I was like, "What? I need to finish getting ready." He then asks me to marry him with the ring in his hand. I was speechless, in shock, feelings of anxiety and happiness began to overwhelm me which kept me from answering his question. After I pulled myself together, I accepted. He was trying to find a way to put the ring on Sheely's neck, but was having a tough time due to her bonnet. Anyway, it was great! This was a day I wish I could have just stayed home from work to gather my thoughts and feelings as I was not "thinking straight" at work all day. A week ago, he called my Dad to get his permission to marry me. This meant so much to me. Not only that, but he also asked my brother, Eric, for his blessing. Eric and I are very close so this was very meaningful as well.

After my wonderful day at work, Ryan and I had been planning on going out for dinner for my birthday. So, we decided to meet his sister and her husband for drinks at Boston's and then decide where we were going to eat. Upon my arrival waited about 40 people...friends and family, ready to help me celebrate my big day. It was amazing. I was not expecting my 30th birthday to turn out the way it did. And, for Ryan to do such a great job of planning and staying so calm through it all was exceptional.

The ring....I know you are all ancy to find out what it looks like. I tried taking a picture of, but it did not turn out well. I have a white gold band, princess cut solitaire with 5 diamonds down each side. Then, the most exciting part about this ring is a "rose gold" piece (looks like bronze) that wraps around the band with little pink diamonds all around it. Its gorgeous and so different! I will keep working on trying to take a good picture of it...but, am struggling right now.

Anyway, I wanted to share this as it was a beautiful day. I am very happy and excited to marry Ryan as he is truly a great guy. I couldn't ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. I do consider myself lucky to have come across such a great man! The silly thing is, neither of us would have ever thought about dating each other when we were in high school. God has a way of bringing two together and helping one find love when they are least expecting it! xoxo

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More stitches...

Not much to report on this week. Last weekend, I went to Aberdeen for my cousin TJ's wedding. I drove there with Eric's girlfriend, Victoria. We had a great time visiting with friends and family. The wedding was Friday night so I spent the rest of the weekend in Miller with my parents. On Sat, I helped my Dad do yardwork and clean up some things around the house. It was FREE dump weekend in Miller, so we took advantage of that.

Ryan stayed in Sioux Falls to work on his investment property he purchased last week. He bought a house to fix and flip. He spent the weekend tearing off the deck, pulled out all the old carpet, cut down all the overgrown landscaping as this home was a repo. Its a mess, but will look very nice once he is done with it. Last night, he gutted the kitchen, tore out all the cabinets and the flooring. He is spending every minute working on this house outside of his full time job. Was great to get back and see all the work he did.

I took Sheely to the vet this morning. She had tore both bandages off her hind legs yesterday. When we picked her up today, they had to stitch her up again in places she tore them out. They finally put a bigger cone on her head so she cannot reach her legs. I am hoping this works. This is starting to get costly as I have invested well over $500 in trying to get her back to normal in the past couple weeks. Don't get me wrong, its definitely worth it as she has become a great dog. But, am starting to wonder if she should have dog insurance. ha. Anyway, she does not go back until next week Monday for her next visit.

Other than that, not much else is going on here. I am on my last week of classes and finals next week. I am so excited about it as I have mentally shut myself down on school. I'm burned out and happy to admit it only because the end is near.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rough Weekend - Part 2

Monday's visit to her doctor was sad. She ended up getting 16 stitches between her groin and both legs. Not only that, but she has to wear this ugly cone on her head for two weeks so she doesn't tear off her bandages or stitches. The vet prescribed yet another med to add to the list as well as applying antibiotic salve to her wounds. I cannot even remember to take my own vitamins everyday, let alone try to keep up with all these meds and how many times a day she needs them. But, the motherly instinct sets in when needed. It hasn't been that bad taking care of her. She was moving very slow on Tues and I'm sure its due to tenderness from the stitches. I took her back yesterday to get new bandages put on and to find out one of her legs is not healing. Its going to take a little longer than expected. She hasn't been eating or drinking much since the accident, so I am hoping she will get use to this cone on her head and buck up. She runs into everything, and I just have to laugh. Its almost like having a drunk dog around. Other than that, she is doing fine and seems to be in good spirits!

Rough Weekend - June 2, 2007

Well, we kind of had a rough weekend. Ryan and I were outside hauling rock to the backyard on Sat afternoon as we have been doing alot of landscaping around his house. Well, we stopped to visit with our neighbor for a bit and Sheely decides to chase a Grand Cherokee down the street. Yep, it happened! She got ran over! We took her to the Emergency Room on Sat night after getting her calmed down. The vet took x-rays and thankfully found no broken bones. Most of her hind legs were banged up pretty bad. She was "skinned" in many places and there were a couple of pieces hanging. As you can see in the pictures, both of her legs are wrapped and I didn't take any pics of the inside groin as its probably not anything that needs to be posted on here. Its gross. The vet did not sedate her for stitches, but rather bandaged her and gave her meds to get her through the weekend. We were instructed to take her in for a visit to her normal doctor first thing Monday morning as she was in need of stitches. She was unable to walk after the accident (who would after being ran over by a car??). But, we woke up Sunday morning to a normal dog. She was walking and acting like nothing happened. We are very thankful that she didn't get hurt any worse. Its amazing how emotionally a person can be attached to an animal especially in situations like this.
More to come on Monday's visit to the doctor!

May? Where did it go?

Well, its great to be back in the blog world. Its been pretty crazy for me down here. I have been very busy at work as well as getting ready for graduation on June 23rd. Ryan and I have been busy on the weekends doing yardwork and spending time with family and friends. Things are still going great! Lots of changes in the past month for me. I bought a new vehicle....well, used...but new to me. I decided since I'm turning 30 in a couple weeks and graduating from college, I should grow up and start driving something nicer. I have always had "runners" to drive...the kind of car that gets you where you need to go. I'm sure you've all had them. Well, I stepped up to the plate and decided to get a 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor. I couldn't pass up the offer or the warranty that came with the vehicle. Great deal! Anyway, this is not the exact picture as I bought it at Vern Eide, not Chevrolet of SFalls. But, mine looks very close to this and its silver.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Verdict is Out!

Sheely is not pregnant. Its almost been 3 weeks ago now - when we were suppose to take her back to the vet to have her checked and an ultra sound. We decided not to take her because we didn't see her tummy getting any bigger. So, we just decided to drop it and not waste the money if it wasn't necessary.

As for me, of course I'm a little bummed out about it because there is nothing cuter than newborn puppies. But, also happy that she's not preggo because right now, I don't have the time to take care of puppies. I've been putting in some long hours between work and school, so haven't even seem much of Ryan and Sheely in the past month and a half. They are generally sleeping when I leave in the morning and sleeping when I get home. I will say no more.

Anyway, I know all of you are "dying" to hear the news...so, I thought I'd write a quick note.


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